"Great place to take the family and the kids to go check out some awesome birds ! My wife and I dropped off an injured blue Jay and they took the little guy right in."

​- Daniel R.

Miami, Florida

"Came all the way from Canada to visit, went about 22 years ago. It still has that magical feel, this is were people should be going to, not Disney etc."

​- Kristin Edwards

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

"Sanctuary is all around a fantastic place. A low key and beautiful attraction that is fueled by the right thing to do, saving injured and endangered birds. SS is a non-profit location. Also, it is free. This is the best part, because in simple terms, it's a bird zoo. It's a great one too. They have a pretty wide range of animals for the small size of the location and relying only on donations. You know it's a great place when you see tons of wild birds hanging around!"

​- Jared M.

Wilmington, Ohio

"The Seabird Sanctuary is a favorite place to visit for us!"

​- Nancy Welker-Fortais

Syracuse, New York

"We take our kids here every year while on vacation to keep them in touch with nature and help them understand that all lives matter... Great educational opportunity for the kids!"

​- Angelique K.

Friendswood, Texas

"Great to see birds so close. My 10 year old nephew really enjoyed this place, he was excited to see all the birds up close. They have a wide variety of injured birds but there were a lot of other birds "hanging around". There was a pelican sat on the bench near the beach, which my nephew got up close to he thought it was awesome. Would definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area."

​- Caroline

Warwick, United Kingdom

"Such a great place! All of the birds were amazing!  It was not crowded and best of all its free to attend! Please give money because these volunteers do an amazing job! My girlfriend and I greatly enjoyed our 45 minutes spent there!"

​- Samuel R.

Madison Heights, Michigan

"Great place to just hang out with the kids. We really enjoyed the park. They are super friendly and educational too. My granddaughter is three and she did not want to leave."

​- Jeanie

Ringgold, Georgia