Just beyond the main Sanctuary is our Shade Garden where visitors can take a peaceful stroll down a sandy pathway lined with shady trees.

Within the Shade Garden is the Sanctuary's American White Pelican pen. Want to take a rest? Adjacent to the white pelican pen is a rest area where visitors can sit down and take a relaxing break while viewing the white pelicans up-close and personal.

Aside from the white pelicans, numerous wild birds tend to fly in and hangout in the shade garden. Don't be surprised if you see a few wild brown pelicans, cormorants, vultures, or egrets walking next to you.

Towards the back of the shade garden is the Sanctuary's observation tower, offering a birds-eye view of the Sanctuary, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. 

8:00am - 4:00pm, 7-Days A Week

Directly across from the American White Pelican aviary is where you can have a commemorative photo taken with yourself and "Nemo," the Sanctuary's Blue & Gold Macaw.

*To order a commemorative photo, visit the Sanctuary's gift shop. 

Located just within the entrance of the Shade Garden is the American White Pelican aviary. As the largest birds at the Sanctuary, these non-native birds migrate to the Gulf of Mexico region from the North-Western part of North America each year. Don't feel like standing while enjoying the beauty of these large birds? Take a seat in our White Pelican viewing area just off the main path and relax while watching the pelicans up-close and personal.  

Towards the back of the shade garden is the Sanctuary's observation tower. Here you can sit and rest, or enjoy the birds-eye view of the shade garden or the Gulf of Mexico. The second deck of the observation tower also offers informative plaques that teach you about the history of the property, as well as the type of plant life that you will see at the Sanctuary.