Service, Rick personally came out to help us give this baby a second chance & he was more than happy given he is an avid supporter of wildlife & an animal lover. After successfully placing her back in the nest we waited to ensure that the parents returned & we soon were rewarded by seeing one of the parents swoop in with a feeding! We are so thankful to Rick York for his assistance & his compassion, & we are thankful to see this hatchling where she belongs!

Hatchling Great Blue Heron Renesting


All of us here at Seaside are thrilled to share that we successfully renested this adorable Great Blue Heron hatchling! Two local boys were fishing when they saw a big splash & realized this little hatchling had fallen out of the nest into the water. They were able to scoop her out of the water & bring her in to the Sanctuary. We came out to assess the nest & realized it was out of our reach, 40ft to be exact. With the help of Rick York's Affordable Tree

Anhinga Release

November 30, 2017

A female anhinga being released after being treated at the Sanctuary following a fractured ulna.

Red-Shouldered Hawk Release

December, 2017

A Red-Shouldered Hawk being released in December 2017. The hawk was treated in the Sanctuary’s hospital for hypoglycemic shock.

Snowy Egret Release

December, 2017

A Snowy Egret being released in December 2017. The Egret was treated in the Sanctuary’s hospital after being hit by a vehicle.