Though it is not normal policy, procedure, or a requirement for a wildlife rehabilitation facility to discuss the status or outcome of a wild bird that has been admitted to their hospital to the general public, Seaside's hospital staff will, if time permits, give a status update to a person who drops off a bird if they call and ask as a courtesy. You can call the Sanctuary's Hospital at 727-399-1310 to request the status of a bird that was admitted. We do recommend that you wait at least 2-3 days before you call since most birds conditions, depending on their injury, won't change for the first couple of days. The ringers on the hospital phones are turned off as to not cause stress to the sick birds. In addition, the hospital staff are extremely busy treating the hundreds of birds that are in the hospital. Due to this, all calls will automatically go to the hospital's voicemail. Be sure to leave a message, and, if time permits, a member of the hospital staff will return your call with a status update as soon as it is convenient. Please understand that status requests are a courtesy, and not all calls will be returned.   

Like any licensed wildlife rehabilitation or veterinary clinic, the Sanctuary must adhere to state and federal laws, as well as to a code of ethics. Due to this, there are times when a sick or injured bird must be euthanized. In the unfortunate event that a bird does have to be euthanized, it is done so in a humane way that is in accordance with state and federal law.   

​​​​​Phone: 727-399-1310


   Justin Perelli                               Paul Baney

Avian Hospital Specialist                                   Avian Hospital Specialist

8:00am - 4:00pm / 7 Days a Week

      Melissa Dollard                              Amy Nulph           ​                 Avian Hospital Director                                      Avian Hospital Specialist

   Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator      

If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned bird, call the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary's Injured Bird Rescue Line

No, a bird can not be returned to you once it has been treated, rehabilitated, and approved for release. Native wild birds are federally protected, and must be released back into the wild by licensed professionals, in accordance to state and federal law.

Named after the Doctor who funded the building of it in 2003, the DR. Marie L. Farr Avian Hospital is probably the most important facility located on the 1.5-acre Sanctuary property. Inside, a team of dedicated and experienced staff and volunteer members diagnose and treat the 2,500 - 3,000 sick and injured birds that are admitted to the hospital each year.

Similar to a human hospital, the DR. Marie L. Farr Avian Hospital is equipped with emergency facilities, a surgical center, injury recovery areas, and an outdoor wild bird recuperation and rehabilitation area.

Some of the birds admitted to the hospital are rescued by the Sanctuary's Rescue Team, and many more are brought to the hospital by the general public.

Once admitted, the new arrival is taken to the hospital exam room where it is weighed and thoroughly examined by our dedicated, experienced hospital staff for any injuries or sicknesses it may have. Once a diagnosis has been made, the bird is treated accordingly and kept in the hospital for monitoring during its treatment. Depending on the injury, treatment may include medications, stitches, intervenes fluids, etc.

Once a bird has finished its treatment, it is transferred to the hospital’s outside recovery area. Once hospital staff members are confident that the bird has recovered from its initial injury or sickness, it is then transferred to the Sanctuary’s outside rehabilitation area with other birds of its kind until it has been fully rehabilitated and ready to be released back into the wild.